Buying a pressure washer brings a lot of ease to your life regarding cleaning. The device is easy to use, and you will clean faster and more efficiently. A pressure washer works basically with a pump and a nozzle. The pump is responsible for increasing the pressure of the water, while the nozzle is what you will control to clean whatever surface you are targeting. Although there are other parts of the pressure washer like the hose that brings the water in, the major components are the pump and nozzle.

A pressure washer is a machine, and a great one at that. But as with other devices, a pressure washer is bound to have damages when it is nearing its specified lifespan. However, before a pressure washer reaches its lifespan, some damages may occur beforehand, leading you to buy another device or an expensive part. If you do not want that, you need to understand the parts of a pressure washer that can go bad and how you can avoid these damages. Luckily, in this guide, we will examine the common problems you can experience with a pressure washer. Some of these include;

Water leakages

One of the most common problems you will experience with a pressure washer is leakage. The machine mainly deals with water, so once there is an opening, there is a leakage. In most cases, the leakages come from the plastic compartments of the pressure washer. Usually, it happens during the winter season. Water that was forgotten within the pressure washer after cleaning a car of snow, for instance, may get frozen. When they freeze, they become bigger in size, thereby expanding the pressure washer plastic components. Sometimes it may break a part of the plastic component, and resultantly, it will cause leakage.

Lance damage

A common damage that every pressure washer owner should dread is the pressure lance getting spoiled. When this happens, you will most likely be spending a lot of money. Mostly, the pressure Lance will spoil, there is no water coming out of the lance, but there is a constant inflow of water. This may happen because there is a blockage in the nozzles hindering water. Sometimes also, the lance can leak by itself. Mostly, this happens because of the average working processes of the machine.

Bad pressure from the pressure washer

The pressure washer needs pressure to perform its functions. But sometimes, the pressure washer may not give enough pressure. In this case, this may be a minor problem of the water supply being a bit slower. However, the low pressure may also be a result of the nozzle developing some faults, which can lead to damage. Places you can also check include the water inlet, outlet, pump and nozzle.

Pump failure

As the part responsible for the pressure in a pressure washer, the pump tends to get bad. In most cases, it may be because of weather like the winter.


Having some issues with your pressure washer is normal. We have highlighted the primary and most common problems with pressure washers.


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