Jute products are popular all over the world and are used in different applications because of their known strength. Jute is a natural fiber produced from plants. These plants are majorly found across the continents of Asia and Africa. To get the best out of them, the plants have a precise harvested period which must be adhered to. After it is harvested, it is often submerged in water for about ten to thirty days. The process of submerging jute in water is known as retting.

After the retting phase has elapsed, the jute is then processed into products like jute rope. Other products include hessian, burlap, etc. Jute ropes are processed into different thickness depending on their use. They are renowned for their strength and are known to have tensile strength as high as 140 lbs.

Some everyday uses of jute ropes

With a high tensile strength, it’s no surprise these jute ropes have found tremendous uses in different industries.

Home décor

If a list is made of the cheapest natural fibers in the world, jute fibers will rank high. Apart from the fact that it is readily available, its affordability makes it a popular choice for use as home interior décor. There are a lot of designs they can be incorporated with. Since they have a natural, minimalist look, they can be used to design rugs, plant and item baskets, lampshades, etc.

If you’re not naturally artistically inclined, you can take old, pre-existing objects around the house and wrap them with jute ropes. For instance, get an old flower vase and wrap it with jute ropes. You can use glue to hold it in place.

Garden assistance

Since jute is a natural fiber, this makes them biodegradable. They are an excellent replacement for metal and plastic binding wires. Since the jute ropes are soft fibers, you wouldn’t have to worry about damaging or causing abrasions to the plants. Jute ropes can also be used to guide and hold weaker plants in place. They can also be used to divide areas of the garden into compartments or plots. You can also easily use them to hang up plant pottery in the garden. In the end, you’ve nothing to lose since they’re biodegradable.

Crafting and crocheting

Put your DIY hats on and be ready to try your hands on good crocheting techniques. Jute ropes are amazing crocheting materials and can be used to make different designs. Jute ropes can also be used for crafting to make projects like paper mache, dreamcatcher, bracelets, keychains, etc. The list is inexhaustible. As long as you’re a master in crocheting and crafting, you can turn these jute ropes into masterpieces.


Although jute plants are only commonly found in the continents of Asia and Africa, its by-products are seen and used all over the world. Jute ropes are one of the strongest natural ropes available in the world. As natural fibers, they are biodegradable and can be used effortlessly outdoors. They have amazing uses in gardens where they can be used to support plants without causing irreparable damages to them.


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