A pressure washer is an excellent way to clean your home’s interior and exterior. When you are cleaning the interior of your home, you can wash your bathtub, your empty rooms, windows, and many others. On the home’s exterior, you can clean anything from the body of the building to driveways, walkways, and others. Having a pressure washer is beneficial because of the endless ways to use the machine. Because pressure washers have multiple uses, a common mistake users make is using the pressure washer with the same setting and force for all cleaning. Assuming you are pressure washing the windows, your setting will probably be set to the lowest possible, and you will need to evade some items like chairs and aesthetic decorations. The pressure may be more than enough to have your window clean, but it does not have any effect when you are cleaning your home exterior.

The pressure you will need to clean windows without damaging them is little, and if you use this force outside the home, you may only be rinsing the floor. For example, your driveway is usually made out of concrete. To clean concrete, a pressure washer of 2200psi is good enough. But the force coming from the pressure washer will damage the windows. Because of the high pressure required to clean surfaces outside your home, it is essential that you are more careful. The force may have a return effect on you and push you back. Secondly, if the water at that force touches any fragile thing, it will damage. This guide will provide you with tips to wash the outside of your home the right way.

Choose the appropriate pressure washer

Usually, pressure washer classifications are related to the device’s power source. Usually, there are three classifications, electric, gas, and battery pressure washers. The battery-powered pressure washer may not give as much pressure as the electric and gas counterparts, but it is also effective. This type of pressure washer is great for home interior. Outside your home, battery pressure washers will not do enough good because thr pressure will be too low. You need either gas or electric pressure washers. The gas pressure washer has a higher pressure than the electric. But any of both machines will work great.

Choose the capacity of your pressure washer

Cleaning the exterior of the home is dangerous; sometimes more complex than cleaning the inside. In the interior, most items are fragile, and you will not want to pressure wash, so all that matters is to clear the space. On the exterior, there are the different calibre of items with extra strengths. You need enough pressure to clean your walkways made out of concrete. But at the same time, that pressure must not affect the garden because of the high force.

Get several pressure washer nozzles

Pressure washer nozzles come in different types, and each type has its respective functions. Many mistakes the colours of pressure washer nozzles aa designs, whereas they indicate the strength of the pressure washer. The different colours are informing you at the intensity the pressure washer is coming out. When you are cleaning the home’s exterior, you need different intensities. So your best option is to buy different nozzles.


Always remember to have your safety kit on before and during the pressure washing process. Hold the device firmly while you wash, so there will be no mistake.


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