Itachi Susanoo

Itachi Susanoo figures are very colorful. Furthermore, they are trendy among Japanese anime fans. itachi susanoo is well known for his curved blade that looks like a dagger and the sword of Totsuka. In the market, there are various Susanoo figurines. The figurines are incredible looking but are priced differently. Below are factors that affect the total cost of the Susanoo figures

1. Itachi Susanoo figures from the house of anime

The Susanoo figures that come directly from the house of anime in Japan are generally costly. Selling from Japan requires the sellers to have the proper certifications and licensing. The licensing and credentials cost money; thus, helping in increasing the costs of the figurines.

2. Shipping costs

Shipping costs usually depend on the seller’s policies. But generally, shipping costs can also increase the final price of the Itachi Susanoo figures. The higher the shipping cost, the more expensive the figurines will be. The critical point to note is that the product price listed on a particular site is not its final price. Ensure to add the shipping costs to determine how much the figurines will cost you in the end.

3. Cost of material

The cost of materials used to produce the Susanoo figures also plays a crucial role in the pricing. The higher the cost of materials, the more expensive the figurines. The opposite is true; the lower the cost of materials, the cheaper the figures will be. For instance, toy figures are bound to be more expensive than paper figures.

4. Quality of the Itachi Susanoo figures

Itachi Susanoo figures are available in different qualities in the market. Therefore, the higher the quality, the more expensive the figurine. But, some figures are reasonably priced but of high quality. Thus, it is essential to inquire about the quality before purchasing the figures.

5. Niche market

The Susanoo figures are present in a niche market. It means that they are manufactured in low volumes. The low volume production of the anime figures means that they are highly-priced. But if the demand increases and production also increases, the figures can be more affordable.

6. Number of Itachi Susanoo figures in a set

Some figures come in a set; some may be a set of 14, 21, or many more. Therefore, the higher the number of figurines in a set, the higher its price. The opposite is true; the lower the number of Susanoo figures, the cheaper the collection will be.

7. The discount rate offered

Some sellers offer special discount rates to first-time customers or loyal customers. Therefore, the figures with the highest discount rates are bound to be the cheapest.

8. The type of figurine

Figurines exist in different forms; the various forms can be dolls, decorations, stickers, statues, and many more. The different types are priced differently. For example, a doll’s price is higher than a sticker’s. Therefore, the kind of figurine present also impacts the price.


There are many Itacho Susanoo figures available in the market. The many figurines present are priced differently; some are cheaper than others. Therefore, if you are wondering why there is a price difference, the above factors will help guide you.


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